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About Sydney Flight Training

At Sydney Flight Training you’ll find a friendly but professional group of very dedicated instructors keen to deliver effective training at a competitive price. None of us are “wet behind the ears” low-time pilots trying to build hours just get an airline job.

Why choose Sydney Flight Training?

  • Sydney Flight Training has very experienced instructors with strong backgrounds in international airline operations, multi-engine all-weather charter and modern high-performance private aircraft used for business or pleasure;
  • Decades of experience in General Aviation across flight training, testing, aircraft management and aircraft maintenance;
  • Admin and support staff that are also pilots, have all worked their way up through their pilot license privileges and are all involved in delivering the services and facilities you need for optimum learning and success;
  • A culture with people that really are thrilled to see new inductees, new students, new participants and new pilots. Yes, we’re very experienced but we’re enthusiastic for you too!
  • A well maintained aircraft fleet that represents the very best-of-breed in training aircraft, with modern updated cockpits and diverse avionics to expose the student to the technology and equipment used extensively across the industry.

We’re mature and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about aviation, love introducing the art and science of flying to other people and wish to foster sound teaching/training within the General Aviation industry to assist people realise their goals. We are a school you can form a long-term relationship with for all your training needs.

Whether you’re completely new to flying or an experienced pilot wanting to add additional capabilities to your license, Sydney Flight Training has courses and the necessary knowledge to bring your flying goals to fruition.

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