Instructors and Staff

Instructors and Staff

Peter Edwards - Head of Operations

Peter has been flying privately and commercially since 1974 and holds a commercial pilot licence, Grade 1 Flying Instructor rating with Multi Engine and IFR training approvals. Flying experience includes DC3 and Cessna Citation class rated aircraft. Also Peter has experience in international ferry flights. An ex teacher he enjoys teaching and flying.

Tim Gavin - Grade 1 Instructor (part time)

Tim holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Grade 1 Flying Instructor rating with Multi Engine and IFR training approvals. He holds a Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has international airline experience. He is passionate about training and enjoys the human factors elements of learning to fly. He is interested in all things Aviation and the social activities surrounding it.

Andrew Wells Garde 1 Flying Instructor (Full Time)

Andrew is an experienced instructor with a passion for aviation. He started flying at the age of 14 and now holds approvals for Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating and Design Feature training. He enjoys teaching people to fly and, has held numerous instructor positions including volunteering for the Scouts and, most recently, training airline cadets in all phases of their licence training.

Wes Brown

Wes has been flying since 1987 and holds a Grade 2 instructor rating with IFR and Multi Engine training approvals, tail wheel, night VFR, constant speed and retractable undercarriage training endorsements. Wes is passionate about teaching people how to fly and helping students achieve their aviation goals. He brings a wealth of experience as well as enthusiasm to instructing.

Stephanie Ehret

Stephanie is the youngest team member and an enthusiastic flyer, having started at the age of 13 in gliders. She holds a Commercial Pilot Licence, Glider Pilot Licence, Flight Instructor Rating, Mutli-Engine Command Instrument Rating, is a Glider Aerotow Pilot and has been a Gliding Instructor since 2014. In her spare time, she volunteers for the youth aviation organisations AAFC, AAL, and Scouts Air Activities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Aviation, and is currently studying for the Air Transport Pilot Licence theory subjects.

Richard Ure - Grade 3 Flying Instructor (part time)

Richard has been flying since 1985. He has a Commercial Pilot Licence and more recently achieved his Grade 3 Instructor Rating. He has 30 years experience as an Air Traffic Controller and currently holds ratings in the Sydney Terminal Control Unit and Bankstown Tower. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge of aviation with others.

John Young CEO

John has been flying privately since 1976 and has been involved with numerous flying organisations in non-flying and governance roles.

Richard Ure - Grade 3 Flying Instructor (part time)

Keith has been flying privately since 2007 In both Recreational and General Aviation Aircraft and has experience in teaching and management roles.

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