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Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD)

Coming Soon.

At Sydney Flight Training, we are proud to announce that we are now delivering all theory and practical Instrument Rating (CIR) and Private IFR (PIFR) training. The training can be scheduled in a selection of aircraft ranging from P28A-161 Piper Warrior, PA28R Piper Arrow or an SR20 Cirrus. It can also be arranged in your very own aircraft.

As part of our approval, we now have a CASA approved Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) that has been designed by world class ELITE Simulation products and offers you the ability to conduct the following CASA syllabus hours in the simulator.

  • 20 hours – Command Instrument Rating
  • 10 Hours – Private Instrument Rating (PIFR)
  • 5 hours – Commercial Pilot License
  • 2 Hours – Night VFR rating
  • 1 hour – Private Pilot License
  • All IFR Recency and Currency (Flight time & Approaches)

Elite Simulators are a world class procedural trainer with a force feedback loading system on the control yoke that reacts to airflow, very similar to a real-life aircraft!

We are also offering a Generic Task trainer which will have 2 Garmin G5’s soon and an additional Cirrus Task trainer that can be used to achieve competency on a G1000 and Cirrus systems at a fraction of the cost of a real aircraft.

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