Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating (IF)

An Instrument Rating (IR) or Private Instrument Rating (PIFR) allows a pilot to fly an aircraft in cloud or reduced visibility. Sydney Flight Training has developed a detailed training program to guide a pilot through this challenging and rewarding qualification.

For the full IR qualification, a minimum of 40 hours Instrument time is required. This can include 20 hours in a CASA approved Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) that simulates Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). The remaining time must be in an aircraft during flight.

For those pilots that do not need all the qualifications an Instrument Rating gives, you can instead train for a PIFR. This starts with a minimum of 20 hours instrument time and then a pilot may add further instrument endorsements (e.g. GNSS approach) as needed. Our Head of Operations will tailor a training package to your needs.

For the purpose, we have several modern in-house training devices to teach the pilot the new skills required. Our SR20 and Garmin 430 with dual G5 task trainers provide realistic graphics and tactile controls, allowing a student to practice their procedures using a computerised layout.

Our ELITE 21 SIM is a highly advance and modern, CASA approved FSTD. Equipped with a Garmin 750, Automatic Direction Finder, VOR/ILS receivers, Marker Beacon receivers and feedback flight controls, this advanced trainer provides an excellent interactive training experience and hours logged on this device count towards qualification requirements. This, combined with the lessons in the aircraft, develop all the skills required to safely operate the aircraft with sole reference to the flight instruments.

Sydney Flight Training has several Instrument Rating Instructors and an in-house Flight Examiner, Tim Gavan, who has a multitude of IFR experience in both the Airline and General Aviation industries.

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