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Private Pilot Licence PPL

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Your PPL gives you true freedom of flight. It authorises you to fly by day all over Australia in good weather. From a basic PPL you can add a night rating and an instrument rating. Be endorsed to fly larger more complex aircraft. Share the passion with family and friends or make business travel work to your timetable.

Why choose Sydney Flight Training?

  • Sydney Flight Training has very experienced instructors with strong backgrounds in international airline operations, multi-engine all-weather charter and modern high-performance private aircraft used for business or pleasure.
  • Decades of experience in General Aviation across flight training, testing, aircraft management and aircraft maintenance.
  • A well maintained aircraft fleet that represents the very best-of-breed in training aircraft, with modern updated cockpits and diverse avionics to expose the student to the technology and equipment used extensively across the industry.

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We are a flight school you can form a long-term relationship with for all your training needs. Whether you’re completely new to flying or an experienced pilot wanting to add additional capabilities to your license, Sydney Flight Training has courses and the necessary knowledge to bring your flying goals to fruition.

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Requirements for a PPL

  • Minimum age 17 years
  • Flight training with an approved school
  • 35 hours (includes RPL hours realistically around 50 to 55 hours with some minimum requirements)
  • Pass PPL theory exam
  • Pass the PPL flight test
  • Medical (Aviation) Class 1 or 2


Again done at your own pace. By now you will know what works for you. This can be from full time to one day a week. Our strength is our experienced flight instructors. We all have 30 plus years in the industry and can provide good guidance on achieving your goals. You need to balance the theory, practical flying and weather into a program that achieves your goals and is realistic.

Our instructors can tailor a personalised program that gives you maximum value for money and an enjoyable learning experience.


  • Minimum cost is around $5,000
  • Minimum cost is addition to RPL
  • Flying lessons
  • Theory and textbooks
  • Medical (if upgrade needed)
  • Exams
  • Navigation gear
  • Realistically allow a budget of $6,000 to $10,000 additional to obtaining your RPL

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Start your journey with Sydney Flight Training

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